Spelt Docs

Basic usage

Create a new blog post

When creating a new project, Spelt will automatically add some sample blog posts for you. You are free to edit or delete those as you want. If you would like to create a new blog post, click the compose button (Compose Button), or select File > New Post from the main menu.


Spelt comes with a built-in development server that allows you to load a local preview of your site in your browser. To launch the preview, click the preview button (Preview Button) on the toolbar, or select Blog > Preview from the main menu.


When you are ready to share your work with the world you can publish it to a web server. You can either copy the contents of the _build folder, as generated for the preview, to your host using FTP, or you can use Spelt to publish directly to Amazon S3. Amazon S3 provides an affordable and very reliable place to host your content. For more info on this, check out Publishing to Amazon.

To publish your website, click the publish button (Publish Button), or select Blog > Publish from the main menu.